Chihuahua Mexico

Chihuahua Desert Regions

In the extreme eastern part of the state the Chihuahuan Desert dominates due to low rainfall and extremely high temperatures; some areas of the eastern part of the state are so dry no vegetation is found like the Sand Dunes of Samalayuca. There are two distinctive climate zones found in the eastern part of the […]

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Why the name Chihuahua?

While most people associate the name most with a bread of dog from the K9 family, the origin of the name Chihuahua has long been disputed by historians and linguists. The most established theory explains that the name was derived from the Nahuatl language meaning “The place where the water of the rivers meet” although […]

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Travelucion Guide Mexico Chihuahua | Free Guide Mexico

Chihuahua┬áis just one of the websites Travelucion operates and is part of over 800 travel websites for over 130 countries worldwide. Our Mexico Collection of 70+ websites covers Mexican States, Cities and towns, along with 10 Mexico special interest websites. If you are traveling to Mexico, our websites will assist you in finding the right […]

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